Ajana Dance Studio

Going to dance school is something learning it as a hobby or hoping to take it up professionally to become a good dancer. It’s important to find a best dance school or dance a class which helps you in achieving your goals in various dancing styles. Ajana dance lessons is considered Melbourne’s premiere professional arts training institutions. It’s a dance school committed to enjoyment and strength.

We have a team of devoted full-time specialized and trained trainers and they are very passionate about contributing their affection and devotion of dance. It has rapidly achieved name and fame for being the best and most pioneering dancing school in Melbourne.

From the touching lyricism of traditional ballet to the streetwise, hard-hitting energy of contemporary hip hop dance is an art that rises above all barriers.

It has the influence to exchange words and convey a lot about the human nature and our joint situation.

Unrestricted by blockades of language or traditions, it looks for to raise and rise above both the artist and the viewers. The School of Dance was established with a vision. This vision was to offer young people with a chance to recognize their dreams through the beginning of vocationally oriented dance school in Melbourne. From the moment Ajana Dance Studio has grown up and developed and is now renowned as one of the top dance schools in Melbourne, offering recognized and qualified courses in hip hop, acrobatics, latino and other performing arts. With this expansion we have certainly not lost prospect of our central operation to train, prepare and cherish the performer of tomorrow.

Ajana Dance Studio encourages international students to apply for admission into its obtainable courses. Throughout your period with us as a learner we will train you the art of dance and presentation. We see this as a period to allocate with you a most significant knowledge.

We expect that the mark of achievement of our moments together will be deliberate not only by the excellence and superiority of our artists but by the kind of performer and individuals they turn out to be. Ajana Dance Studio has come forward in short times as a key performer in the stipulation of creative aptitude for a variety of hip hop and latino dance companies and advertisement events in Melbourne.

On theatre and screen, our students are our representatives on an international extent. Admission into full time training is by interview and selection is based on dance aptitude and skills, physical capacity and talent and the prospective of chasing a profession in dance and performing arts. Amid a tough focus on commitment and devotion, winning candidates will experience a meticulous training curriculum. Candidates can imagine to be confronted physically and emotionally to gather the capability and proficiency needs of the endorsed courses as they endeavour to achieve their individual artistic prospective.